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Brow Tint Kit

Brow Tint Kit

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Tint is a semi-permanent dye that enhances your natural brow shape. Wash around your brows to make the tint last longer.The more hair you have, the better the tint will take. To make the tint last, leave it on longer. Don't worry about it getting "too dark". The tint is not made for the skin.

Directions:1. Wipe brows clean with a fragrance-free baby wipe. Be sure the area you are tinting is free from all make-up and oils. 2. Prepare tint mixture using equal portions of tint and oxidant. (If you are mixing coffee and black together use equal portions of all 4 (tint and developer).3. Apply the tint onto your brows. Let it sit 10-30 minutes, never exceeding 40 minutes.The longer the tint processes on the brows, the darker they will appear. 4. Remove/wipe the tint off with a fragrance-free baby wipe .


Tint Maintenance: Wash around your brows to make the tint last longer. Tint will naturally fade on its own within two weeks. Tint is meant to dye the eyebrow hairs, however it does have a tendency to stain the skin, giving the brows a fuller, more even appearance. Tint will fade off of skin & sparse areas faster than fuller eyebrows.

Disclaimer: Patch test is highly recommended before use.




Once you mix the tint it while become white/clear. To help with an easier application let it sit for 20 minutes until it gets darker (grey color), then apply! This is a great tip to prevent dripping.

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