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1:1 Wax and Tint Course (Price $850) Deposit $250

1:1 Wax and Tint Course (Price $850) Deposit $250

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The total cost of the class is $850, payment plans are available. The remaining balance is due in full 1 week before the class date.

Time: 11am - 3pm

Our 1-on-1 Course Includes:

  • Marketing/Advertising/Branding
  • 3 live clients to practice on (hands on)
  • Theory Lesson
  • Lifetime mentorship
  • NBL Cosmetics tint (services over 30 clients)
  • Face Shaping and Brow Mapping
  • Watch and record live demo
  • Full kit for you to start taking clients (wax pot included)
  • Rules regulations/licenses/ permits needed for beauty salons and businesses

Requirements: You must have your license, and be passionate about doing brows! Serious inquiries only


    Purchase Agreement

    By purchasing and participating in Nicole's Beauty Lounge Continuing education courses, I understand that:

    1. I am attending the workshop solely for my own benefit.

    2. I understand and agree that the handouts and power-point slide “materials” used in the workshop are for educational purposes only.

    3. I understand and agree that the handouts and power-point slide "materials" used in the workshop are the property of Nicoles beauty Lounge and I do not have permission to:

    • Copy them or any part of them (e.g. illustrations or specific text)
    • Use them for any purpose outside my personal reference
    • Sell, redistribute, or reproduce them for sale
    • Provide them to anyone else
    • Publish them or any part of them on the internet or anywhere else
    • Use them for any training

    4. I agree not to record or photograph any part of the presentations in the training course unless permitted by Nicole’s Beauty Lounge ATL

    5. I understand this course is for information purposes only, not licensing. (You must be a licensed professional to perform the services we offer).This is for continuing education for beauty professionals or those that are curious to join a beauty school or do an apprenticeship.

    6. I  agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Nicole Nemiroff and Nicole’s Beauty Lounge, from any losses, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) she incurs as a result of third party any claim based on or arising from the use of the Materials or the information contained therein violation of this agreement or US copyright law. I agree that if Nicole Nemiroff brings legal action as a result of my breach of this agreement, I will reimburse her attorney’s fees and cost of lawsuit if I lose any such action.

    7. I agree to not teach eyebrow waxing/tinting classes for 1 year (after class completion date)



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